SLA-relevant documentation: Transparency creates security

The outsourcing of specialized services is standard in IT management. Service Level Agreements (SLA) define and secure the scope of services and quality. These SLAs often also form the basis of remuneration regulations.

VISULOX offers both the contractor and the client the opportunity to present the services provided in a transparent and neutral manner. The documentation records when who was active in the system and what was done. Session recording provides evidence of the nature and extent of the work. All information is stored in
 the VISULOX Cockpit that clearly documents who did what and when. Together with the information who allowed the access, VISULOX creates transparency for all parties involved. This allows the work to be evaluated on the basis of facts - both by the contractor and the client.

  • Movies show the contents of a session
  • Document films. which user was active
  • Who worked when is documented in the cockpit
  • Usage reports show all accesses
  • Releases and changes of rights are documented
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