Remote Access Control: precise, secure and transparent access control

Access to network systems has long since become standard - not only in international corporations, but also in regionally active medium-sized companies. Specialized employees need access from anywhere for maintenance, control or troubleshooting. Physical control systems that record and check the identity, time, or visited facility are then no longer available.

VISULOX provides the user with an unavoidable access via a browser. With the help of the user ID and a password, the user is identified. The role profile stored in the user repository controls how and which applications the logged on user can access. After successful verification of the access rules valid for this user, VISULOX allows access to the applications assigned to him.

The rules can include:

  • Temporal definition
    • all the time
    • only during predefined times
    • only if enabled individually
  • Location of the user
    • Check the remote IP address
  • Claiming a second factor (2FA)
    • all the time
    • only if the access is from outside the company network
    • other rules
  • Control of data transfer
    • Only possible if allowed
    • Permitted transfer directions must be defined
    • You can define rules for the data.
      • Size, type, etc.
    • List of allowed applications
      • which applications
      • Which user rights for which application

These profiles are usually assigned by the role of a user. Of course any rights can be assigned individually if necessary.

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