Audit Support: Complete data for reliable evaluations

External or internal audits are indispensable components of quality management. A valid data basis facilitates auditing and allows more precise statements about conditions and developments.

The data obtained by VISULOX provide auditors with comprehensive and reliable information. VISULOX is not bypassable, so that always complete data is available. It is also secured by a revision system.

VISULOX provides the following information, among others:

  • Who accessed the system, when, and what actions were performed?
  • Who granted access to whom and when?
  • How is access protection implemented in the system?
  • Which information is secured how and according to which data protection criteria?

Using predefined reports, the information can be extracted graphically or in tabular form and transferred to the auditor. This accelerates the work and objectifies the result - not only to the joy of the auditor.

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