The VISULOX Concept

With VISULOX, all remote access by administrators and privileged users to IT systems can be centrally controlled. Since this user group is often not subject to access restrictions, a functional control and documentation solution is particularly important.

Via VISULOX, users receive individualized access rights. After authentication, the usable applications are available to them within the scope of their rights. With the comprehensive documentation option, VISULOX also offers efficient error management and allows valid proof of work.

From the various modules of VISULOX, we put together a package for our customers that meets their requirements and works with all client and server environments.


The VISULOX advantages

  • Centralized management of remote access by administrators and privileged users
  • Compliance with legal requirements and regulations through control and documentation solutions
  • Protection of corporate data and IT infrastructure
  • Efficient process and SLA documentation
  • Easy implementation
  • Flexible integration into existing processes
  • Secure two-factor authentication
  • Revision server
  • Platform, protocol and client-independent functionality
  • Cost savings through lower license, maintenance, training and support costs
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